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Security Centers inc Gun Safes


SECURITY CENTERS INC. has been one of the top safe dealers in Oklahoma since 2000. Since their beginning the type and brands of safes have changed. This was more of an evolution than a change. As our knowledge base on safe grew so did the types and brands we sell would change. Today, SCI is the Only Fort Knox dealer in Oklahoma and parts of Missouri and Arkansas. Only the best safes will be available at Security Centers Inc. Along with Fort Knox SCI also carries Browning safes. SCI has recently introduced to the market the newest line of gun safes that embody Security and Fire Resistance. The Dakota line of safes include the Dakota® 1 hour 45 minute safes along with the Black Diamond® and Bad Lands® safes by Dakota Safe Company. The Black Diamond® and Bad Lands® safes are built with security, fire safety and an economical price in mind. All brands of safes by Dakota Safe Company, Dakota®, Black Diamond® and Band Lands® are built with the same specifications found in more expensive safes at half the price. Come in and see our wide range of safes, home safes, vault doors, pistol boxes and much more. Shop any of these great brands at www.gunsafesamerica.com